Pip and Module In Python. Topic 3

Pip and Module In Python. Topic 3

In Python programming language, Module and Pip is the most interesting topics. So let’s understand this with a real-life example. Pip and Module In Python

Definition Of Pip:

Pip is a tool that helps in installing and managing external libraries or packages for Python. You can install these packages from the Python Package Index(PyPI). Just assume, Pip is a delivery boy, if you order something, they will deliver the product to your home. I think now it will be clear to you. If not then read this real-life story. I guarantee you will understand this thing.

Just imagine you are an architecture engineer. You want to design a house. In your toolkits, you have different toolkits for different purposes. Let’s assume you need a laser measurement tool. These tools are not available in the local market. But available in the online market. So you can buy this online.

Definition Of Module:

The module is a Python file, that contains definitions and statements of Python. The file name is the module name. In the suffix of the file name, we add .py. A model can define functions, classes, and variables that can be reused in other Python programs.

Think of models like a toolkit or toolbox. Suppose you have a toolkit that contains different types of tools. Every tool has different types of purpose. Every tool has its uinque purpose.

Similarly, Python has many pre-built models that help you in different tasks. We can include modules in our Python program.

I think you understand this concept.

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