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Exception Handeling In Python

The concept of exception handling is events that occur during the execution of a program that disrupt the normal flow of instructions. In Python programming, exceptions are raised when an error occurs during program execution or runtime.

Why Handle Exceptions?

Handling exceptions is crucial because it allows a program to respond to unexpected events, preventing crashes and providing a way to gracefully handle errors.

Exceptions are the situation when we write the wrong code. It may logical error or any syntax error. For example, like division by zero or incorrectly using a variable.

Try…Except Blocks:

In Python programming `try…except` blocks are used to handle exceptions handle.


    # Code that might raise an exception
except ExceptionType:
    # Code to handle the exception


    num = int(input("Enter an integer: "))
except ValueError:
    print("Number entered is not an integer.")

The try block contains code that might raise an exception.

The except block specifies what to do if a ValueError exception (caused by trying to convert a non-integer input to an integer) occurs.

The Output Of This Code Will Be:

Enter an integer: 6.022
Number entered is not an integer.

Here, if any user enters any non-integer value `ValueError` exception occurs. The program control moves to the `except` block and prints a user-friendly error.

This way, the program can gracefully handle unexpected situations, preventing crashes and improving user experience.

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