String Slicing & Operations on String In Python.Topic 9

String Slicing & Operations In Python

Strings are sequences of characters, and in Python, they are written between single quotes (‘) or double quotes (“”). We can perform specific tasks on a string. Let’s perform some operations.

Length of a String: We can find the length of a string using len() function.

code = "python"
len1 = len(code)
print("Python is a", len1, "letter word.")

The Output Of This Code Will Be:

Python is a 6 letter word.

Why string is an array?

Treating strings as arrays means that you can access each character in the string through a specific index. We can manipulate the individual characters in the string. Like in arrays, every character in strings also has a position, which we call an index, and this index starts from 0. For example:

var = "Python"
print(word[0])  # Output: P
print(word[1])  # Output: y

Here, var is a string and we wrote the word[0], which means we accessed the first character of the string, which is ‘p’. But there is an important difference, strings in Python are immutable. It means after creating a string we can’t change it.  In this, we cannot make direct changes at the character level, unlike in some other programming languages.

Now let’s perform a slicing operation on a string

programming = "javascript"
print(programming[:5])      #Slicing from Start
print(programming[5:])      #Slicing till End
print(programming[2:6])     #Slicing in between
print(programming[-8:])     #Slicing using negative index
  • [:5] extracts characters from the beginning up to index 5 (exclusive). Output: javas
  • [5:] extracts characters starting from index 5 till the end of the string. Output: cript
  • [2:6] extracts characters from index 2 to index 5 (6 is exclusive). Output: vasc
  • [-8:] extracts characters from 8 positions from the end to the end. Output: ascript

The Output Of This Code Will Be:


Loop through a String:

programming = "python"
for i in programming:

  • programming is a variable assigned the value "python".
  • This is a for loop that iterates over each character (i) in the string programming.
  • In each iteration, the loop prints the current character.

The Output Of This Code Will Be:


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